The Fashion Houses Rolling Out Designer Wallpaper for Luxury Interiors

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It’s official: wallpaper is well and truly back in 2020. And since taste in design, much like fashion, can vastly range from the modest to the maximalist, fashion houses are doing their bit to offer different forms of expression for your interiors. Whether it’s geometric shapes or lines that tick your box, or the injection of life with colourful flora and fauna that tickles your fancy, here are seven fashion houses that have taken their designs from the runway to your walls.


In a collaboration with architect and illustrator Nigel Peake, this Hermès wallpaper depicts the area surrounding their flagship store in Paris. The landscape wallpaper in a muted flanelle shade, which illustrates his walk on the Promenade au Faubourg, is meant to conjure a dream-like world where a groom searches for his horse and carriage in a maze of architectural perspectives.
HK$5,000 (for 68.5 cm x 10 m roll);


Versace exotica: think balmy evenings in a leafy tropical paradise and you’ll end up with this lush wallpaper. Boasting their distinctive Jungle Print, which celebrates its 20th anniversary thanks to their iconic Jungle Dress from the spring/summer 2000 collection, this wallpaper will dress up any interior in the most verdant and vibrant rainforest green.
HK$785 (per 70 cm x 10.5 m roll);

Ralph Lauren

Inspired by the Art Deco architecture and design of 1930s New York, this geometric design will add the glitz and glamour of that era with ease. The design features diamond shapes fashioned from lines of little light-reflecting beads atop a finely stippled charcoal background. The result is classy, cool and snazzy, all at once.
HK$1,450 (for 52 cm x 10 m roll);


Straight off the runway from Gucci’s ready-to-wear collection, this bright and vivid heron print is illustrated with the birds and dragonflies throughout. The painterly pattern is set against a soft blushing pink which will add a fun, yet graceful, element to any interior.
HK$3,500 (for two panels 70 cm x 3.5 m each);


Bringing the garden into the home, this Etro wallpaper is full of bright colours and striking contrasts to reflect a secret garden in lilac. The foliage design on this wallpaper feels somewhat traditional, but reflects nature’s bounty in a playful manner. An easy way to add style to a home with clean lines and shapes.
HK$1,080 (for 70 cm x 10 m roll);


This Nabucco wallpaper by Armani’s interior design arm, Armani/Casa, is for those looking for a more understated vibe. Made in Italy, the name is take from Nabucodonosor, one of the greatest operas by the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi in 1842. The earthen wallpaper is also one of Giorgio Armani’s favourite patterns and features the streaked texture of onyx slabs.
HK$1,360 (for 87 cm x 10 m roll);

Christian Lacroix

A dramatic scene of technicoloured florals and botanicals make up this Christian Lacroix wallpaper. Featuring his signature flamboyancy with overlapping bold black lines, the digitally printed wallpaper is designed to make the whole wall pop. And that it certainly does.
HK$1,950 (for 52 cm x 10 m roll);

Fontaine Cheng
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