The Iconic 1970 Etcetera Lounge Chair is Making a Comeback

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If we take a look back at some of the most iconic pieces of furniture throughout history, there are a few popular movements that defined interior design and changed living spaces forever – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona from the 20s, Eero Saarinen’s Tulip from the 50s, or Philippe Starck’s Ghost Chair of 2002. But when it comes to the 70s, the piece that is often used to represent the style of the decade was Swedish designer Jan Ekselius’ Etcetera Series. 

Originally created as a prototype for a school project while attending Royal College of Art in London, Ekselius’ creation earned him much recognition. The unmistakable wavy silhouette was an instant hit for its creative and fluid design paired with its incredible comfort that stood the test of time and kept its iconic status until today. The original pieces have been exhibited in Christie’s in London and Bukowskis in Stockholm. Fifty years since its inception, the design makes a revival to be reintroduced to the next generation. 

“Fifty years ago, I could never have had imagined that Etcetera would be this desired today.”

Jan Ekselius

In partnership with Swedish design boutique Artilleriet, Jan Ekselius will bring back the Etcetera into production once again. Originally crafted with simply bent steel and covered in padded fabric, the new redesign with the help of craftsmen J.O. Carlsson and Forsbergs in Småland gets an upgrade in quality, detail and sustainability. Almost identical in design, the spring wire mesh fabric which was first used in 1970 is replaced with car manufacturer Volvo’s adjustable Pullmaflex back support design system with resilient bands to enhance comfort, while the covers remain in its organic ecological cotton velour material.

The relaunched Etcetera series consists of the Etcetera Lounge Chair (US$2,380), Etcetera Easy Chair (US$2,295) and Etcetera Footstool (US$780) and comes in seven colourways: Chocolate Brown, Crème White, Grass Green, Klein Blue, Ruby Red, Sand Beige and Zinc Grey.

Made in Sweden
Etcetera Lounge Chair: W: 63cm; D 107cm; H: 77cm
Etcetera Easy Chair: W: 63cm; D: 76cm; H: 68cm
Etcetera Footstool: W: 63cm; D:50cm; H: 42cm

Dara Chau