A Look Inside Singapore’s Most Expensive Penthouse Ever

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There must be some serious money in vacuum cleaners and hair dryers because Sir James Dyson, founder of one the world’s most well-known eponymous brands, recently spent a jaw-dropping US$54.2 million on a massive penthouse in one of Singapore’s tallest buildings.

And if that’s not enough to make you gasp, here’s another nugget: The British billionaire actually saved a huge amount of money in the deal, since the apartment was listed for almost twice the amount at US$80 million — said to be the most expensive in Singapore. What’s more, since Dyson has permanent residence status there, he is not required to pay the high property taxes that most other foreigners purchasing property in Singapore would have needed to.

‘Most expensive’ is, however, not the penthouse’s only claim to fame; it is also the highest. Set within the exclusively luxurious Wallich Residence, which occupies the 39th to 64th floors of the sky-high Guoco Tower, the three-storey apartment is spread across the top 62nd to 64th floors. Sitting at almost 1,000 feet above sea level, it offers breathtaking views over the city’s vast skyline and the glittering blue waters of Marina Bay.

Inside the expansive, 21,100-square-foot penthouse are five lavishly appointed bedrooms, six bathrooms, three half-baths, a pool, sky deck, Jacuzzi and a barbecue pit. And as if that weren’t enough, there’s even a 600-bottle wine cellar.

The exquisite marble flooring adds a touch of refined opulence. But it’s the floor-to-ceiling windows, in almost every room in the triplex apartment, that truly catch one’s attention as they present a sense of unadulterated openness, not only to the city below but also the skies above. One can only imagine the shimmering beauty of millions of stars at night as seen from such a vantage point.

While the stupendous sum for the apartment may seem exorbitant for some, for Dyson it’s certainly manageable. After all, his net worth currently stands at US$12.6 billion , as per the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, making him the 109th richest person on the planet. In 2018, after his company took in revenues of an astounding $1.4 billion, he was named the richest person in Britain, too. Which brings the famous phrase to mind: “If you have it, spend it!”

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