7 Easy Home Styling Tips to Supersize Your Space

Posted in Interior Design

While smaller homes have their own charm, it can sometimes feel rather claustrophobic. Sadly, for those living in crowded metropolises — especially Hong Kong where we have one of the most expensive housing markets — the struggle of getting a bigger living space is far too real. The good news is, there are actually simple ways to help make your space feel a lot bigger and more inviting, and it all boils down to fooling the eye with some easy home styling choices. Scroll down to see what they are.

Use light colours for walls and floors

While many believe that painting the walls all white brightens up the room and therefore makes the space feel bigger, it can actually do the opposite and make the room appear boxy and bland. Instead, you should use it an accent or trim colour, framing light colours such as a soft pewter grey for added depth.

Draw the eye upwards

Mount floor-to-ceiling curtains, add ceiling details, or line your artworks or photos higher up — anything that draws the eye upwards will give the illusion of a much taller space.

Go for bigger decor pieces

Smaller furniture tends to cluster up the space and make it look small, so choose bigger ones instead and in minimal quantity for a clean overall aesthetic. For wall art, in particular, go for one large-scale piece rather than multiple pieces. If you really wish to hang up a series of framed works, limit that to only one wall.

Style your shelves

For smaller items, make use of shelvings and arrange them in a coordinating colour palette to create a streamlined visual.

Make use of the stripes

Just like wearing clothes with stripes, a striped rug will create an optical illusion of a wider space. Line them up so that they take up the entire length of the space for best results.

Choose furniture with exposed legs

Whether it’s the sofa, coffee table, the stool or the cabinets and bookshelves, opt for furniture with exposed legs. Not only do they look less boxy and more airy, the extra verticals and negatives will also give the illusion of a larger room.

Add a mirror

Got a corner or a wall that doesn’t get much light? Add a mirror and watch it bounce the natural light around for the illusion of a much bigger space.

Cindie Chan