How to Transform Your Patio into a Chic and Relaxing Retreat

Posted in Interior Design

Whether you have a small balcony, an intimate courtyard or an expansive garden, read on for our simple tips on how to transform your patio area into a stylish and relaxing outdoor sanctuary.

White wash

An all-white patio not only helps to keep the temperature down in the warmer seasons, it also sets a perfect backdrop that highlights the delightful hues of your plants and flowers and the different textures and details in your outdoor furniture.

Eye-catching tiles

A classic wooden deck is great but, alternatively, you could also choose to add patterned tiles — whether it’s in a clean, geometric design or exotic, Moroccan-inspired style — to really elevate the space, adding a sense of personality and even a whimsical vibe.

Potted plants

Add potted plants so everything looks more put-together. Make sure your chosen vessels and style of foliage match for a cohesive setting.

Intimate nooks

If you have limited space, build a nook by adding a built-in bench and a small table with stools for a stylish and cozy outdoor sanctuary.

Artsy chairs

Your chairs do not have to all match. In fact, adding artsy, design-forward chairs will make an instant style statement.

Cushions, throws and rugs

Make your patio feel more welcoming and homey by adding decorative cushions, throws and rugs. Other than setting the look and feel of your space, you’ll also be able to switch up a new look whenever you’re feeling inspired.

Elevated seating

Swings are relaxing and fun, and not to mention, a lot more visually intriguing than your average seating. Introduce one in natural materials and colours that blends along with the colour scheme of your patio design.


Gathering around a fire bowl in the patio on chilly evenings and nights will offer a great bonding opportunity for families and friends.

Cindie Chan