What You Need to Know About Vancouver’s New Oakridge Development

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In case you didn’t already know, Westbank is one of the most progressive city-builders and developers of complex mixed-use urban environments. 

Assembling a global design team worthy of the incredible opportunity Oakridge represents, Westbank is setting out to create a new municipal town centre in one of the world’s most diverse and livable cities, re-imagined by a team of architects and designers from Tokyo, Italy, New York, Paris, and Toronto. The team will attempt to create an entirely new kind of urban living: a centre for innovation, creativity, experience and culture, creating Oakridge — “Vancouver’s Cultural Hub”.

Each residential tower at Oakridge will be curated by a renowned design talent. At Oakridge, French designer Clémande Burgevin Blachman will curate completely furnished suites. Clémande’s unique sense of beauty, design, and style has been largely informed by her unusual upbringing.

Growing up travelling with her antique-dealer parents between rural France, Paris, and the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, Clémande’s life experience was eclectic, to say the least. Previously, she was called to New York to revamp the home division of Calvin Klein under the direction of creative renegade Raf Simons.

In her stunning design concepts for Oakridge, Clémande blended her continental sophistication with a spatial generosity and carefree creative freedom that perfectly befits the architecture and the project’s spectacular location in Vancouver’s new town centre.

About Oakridge

The new Oakridge will be an organic mosaic of residential space, indoor and outdoor retail experiences, public art, cultural performance spaces, collaborative workspace, civic institutions, and culinary experiences both grand and intimate, all surrounded and intertwined by a large multi-level public park. It will all be served by a dedicated low-carbon-fueled neighbourhood energy centre.

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