Welcome to the Jungle: A Look at Versace’s 2020 Home Collection

Posted in Interior Design

Versace’s latest home and decor pieces pay homage to the much revered jungle print – a familiar print as seen on the Spring/Summer 2020 runway — celebrating the anniversary of the now-iconic jungle dress worn by Jennifer Lopez to the Grammys 20 years ago.

Now recognised as one of Versace’s signature emblems, the much-loved print transitions from the wardrobe into living spaces in the form of decorative accents for the dining table.

The vivid jungle print is composed of tropical palms, bamboo shoots and wild foliage in emeralds and limes, juxtaposed against a watercolour wash of deep forest and pine.

As seen on the new tableware collection, items are finished with a polished gold lining, intricate baroque design and the brand’s Greek mythological logo of the head of Medusa.

The new seasonal print adorns fine porcelain service plates, dinner plates, serving trays, vases, scented candles and a cigar ashtray to decorate the home — perfect for your next summer soirée at home, perhaps?

Here are some of the key pieces from the Versace Home 2020 – Jungle Collection, a loud and vibrant tribute to the boldness of Versace designs.

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