Invest in: Cam Ranh, Vietnam’s Hottest Hospitality Market

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The unspoilt coastline of southeast Vietnam has become a property investor hotspot in Asia. It belongs to the Khanh Hoa province which has grown in popularity for its pristine beaches and year-round tropical climate. But beyond its natural beauty, Cam Ranh lures investors with its secluded refuge, idyllic seafront views, flourishing connectivity to international airports, tempting price point, and most importantly its appreciating value with government policies and burgeoning new properties in development including integrated resorts. Here are the three reasons why Cam Ranh is heating up to be Southeast Asia’s hottest property investment. 

Secluded and Untouched by Mass Tourism 

Cam Ranh has been under the radar as Vietnam’s best kept secret until recently. A promising venture, the once primitive landscape is still very much in its original rural beauty without the crowds of more populated travel destinations. The Cam Ranh peninsula’s white sand and crystal waters are a traveler’s paradise, making investors eager to be one of the first to tap into the land.

Compared to Southeast Asia’s top sun and sand destinations like Bali, Phuket, Boracay, or even Nha Trang (just 45km north and sharing a coast with Cam Ranh) which boast the same picturesque views and vibes, the privacy and solitude is unbeatable at Cam Ranh. With such similarities, it is predicted that Cam Ranh too, will become a tourism capital. Moreover, neighbouring destination Nha Trang is showing signs of tourist overload, making Cam Ranh an easy vacationing alternative within the region. 

Accessibility and Connectivity 

The international terminal at Cam Ranh International Airport has undergone a HK$1.27 billion (US$163 million) renovation and opened in 2018 to accommodate more direct flights, reducing travel time and inconvenience. The airport sees 10 million passengers a year, and is one of the busiest airports in Vietnam together with Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Da Nang, with direct flights to and from mega metropolises like Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul, Shanghai, and Taipei. With easier accessibility and more potential routes from Tokyo and Singapore, Cam Ranh will be open to further tourism for its convenient logistics. Apart from its airport, Vietnam’s visa requirements are minimal and can be processed upon arrival, making it all the more simple (and convenient) for travellers.

Appreciating Value with New Developments on the Rise 

Many resorts are currently being constructed at a rapid pace, and there are further plans to erect more luxury hotels, apartments villas, and holiday houses. Pioneering projects such as Cam Ranh Riviera, Fusion Resort, Dessole Sea Lion and Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts have been running with great success and new development projects are currently going underway.

The Nha Trang Bay Investment and Construction Joint Stock has since been one of the most attractive ventures, with tourist experiences becoming increasingly exciting. These integrated resorts include casino expansions with the Vietnam Prime Minster deciding on investing in casino businesses such as KN Paradise Cam Ranh as part of the country’s proposal of the Ministry of Planning an Investment in 2019.

With the KN Paradise expected completion date scheduled for 2025, investors are eager to get a piece of the pie before the value of the market skyrockets. It is currently the fastest growing up-and-coming area in Southeast Asia, suited for luxury high spending tourism and coastal residences. Aside from resorts and villas, golf courses, shopping malls, and boat marinas will also be constructed. 

Dara Chau